Swine Flu a big threat

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Swine Flu is emerging as a major threat in Kashmir. Till date officials have confirmed that 32 persons have died due to this deadly disease.
Experts believe that many Swine Flu cases are not reported in Kashmir due to various reasons. They are of the opinion that authorities in Jammu and Kashmir are not equipped to tackle the deadly H1N1 virus.
Most people who die from Flu are not tested for Flu or they seek medical care later in their illness when Flu can no longer be detected. The elderly people have the highest rates for hospitalization and death they are not tested for Flu in hospitals. Older patients don’t develop typical Flu symptoms. In them, feeling weak or confused may be the only sign of having the Flu.
There is no doubt about the fact that Kashmir has a very few Flu specialists and hospitals across the Valley lack manpower to tackle such cases. By the time doctors detect that a person is giving Swine Flu it becomes very late by then.
The Government should wake up and create more awareness about the Swine Flu. Doctors need to be careful during the Flu season and they should ensure that a person is put on anti-virals as soon as the symptoms are seen any patient. If Swine Flu deaths have to be reduced then the medicos would have to follow the age old prescription that “Prevention is better than cure.”
Swine flu in Kashmir has emerged as a big reality it people need to be made aware about the importance of the anti-Flu vaccines and the precautions they should take to save themselves from this deadly virus.