What does your kid eat after games


Is your kid getting fatter after joining school sports? Mak-ing your kids participate in school sports is not enough to keep them healthy.Researchers have now found that the unhealthy food that they are often treated to after the games may make them fatter.Because of the unhealthy snacks and sugar sweetened drinks that they are served after the training or a match, the children may actu-ally end up consuming more calo-ries that they burn while exercis-ing, the researchers said.“Though youth sports are an ex-cellent way to promote physical activity, social interaction and positive health behaviours, the food environments are often char-acterised by less healthy food op-tions with high calorie contents and lower nutrient density,” Jo-seph Skelton, associate professor of paediatrics at Wake Forest Bap-tist Medical Center in the US, was quoted as saying.The study involved boys aged eight to 11 who participated in games at a youth baseball field in the US.Most snacks served after the games were high-calorie food items included French fries, sweets and cookies and sugar-sweetened drinks.The study appeared in the journal Childhood Obesity.