APDP stages silent protest in Srinagar


Srinagar, Feb 28: Scores of members Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) on Wednesday staged a silent protest in Srinagar against the human rights violation in Kashmir.
The protesters including men, women assembled at Srinagar’s Pratap Park and staged silent protest and demanded government to find out their beloved ones who are disappeared since years.
The association members were carrying the banners and placards reading ‘stop crime against humanity, what lies beneath?.’
Talking to a newsagency, the APDP members said that the government has utterly failed to trace their beloved ones from past several years.
The family members of disappeared youth, mostly females castigated the successive governments for being ‘indifferent’ towards their agony.
A woman protester said that the government must trace their beloved ones who are disappeared since years. “We don’t want government jobs or any other compensation from the government but the only thing we demand is to trace our beloved ones,” she said.
She also said that the successive regimes have miserably failed to trace their beloved ones. “We are still having hope that our beloved ones will come one day,” she said.
“We have been fighting for 26 years against the enforced disappearances of our children. More than 10,000 individuals are missing who were taken into custody by different Indian agencies,” the APDP protesters said.
They also appealed the international human rights bodies to intervene and help the families in tracing their beloved ones. (KNS)