Madhav’s advice to CM Mehbooba draws flak

Madhav’s advice to CM Mehbooba draws flak
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Afaq Bhat
Srinagar, Feb 25: National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party, Ram Madhav, has made it clear that Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister has no role to play in talks between India and Pakistan.
In an interview to The Indian Express, Madhav said: “Talking or not talking to Pakistan is not for the Jammu and Kashmir alliance to decide, but the government of India. Mehboobaji can have a view, because she feels that if the two governments talk to each other, there could be de-escalation of violence. But the alliance cannot take a view, its view is limited to the affairs of the state.”
An analyst while reacting to Madhav’s assertion said, “State government knows it very well that foreign affairs is not its domain but the BJP leaders should realize that Valley politicians are Kashmiris first and they feel the pain of their people.”
He said, “It’s not the Chief Minister only who wants India and Pakistan to talk. In fact all the Kashmir based politicians are on the same page vis-à-vis holding talks with Pakistan. All Kashmiris want peace to prevail and bloodshed to end.”
A Kashmir watcher said, “BJP leaders are unaware about the ground situation that’s why they are not interested in holding talks with Pakistan. It looks like that BJP leaders have turned a blind eye towards the suffering of border dwellers and the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”
He said, “It’s unfortunate that hardliners are only taking about war and believe that war is the only option. This war mongering should stop as war is no solution. Since the day BJP has come into power in New Delhi relations between India and Pakistan are on the lowest ebb as none of the BJP leaders are talking about peace and reconciliation.”
A politician said, “BJP leaders need to rethink their strategy as their aggressive approach has not yielded any result. Confrontation and the muscular approach of the Government of India has led to escalation of tensions on the borders and Line of Control. Hundreds of people from Jammu to Kashmir have been displaced on the borders and the LoC. They are witnessing the shelling and firing everyday.”
He said, “The people at the helm should realize that people are suffering and mere rhetoric is not helping anyone’s cause. BJP leaders should stop giving sermons and concentrate on restoring peace in the region rather than pushing the entire country towards the turmoil.”
An observer said, “BJP leaders need to bear in mind that Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive start and it’s not like other states.”