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A panel constituted by the government to upgrade the education system in the Valley has recommended 33 percent reservation of seats in private schools for economically and underprivileged children.
The panel, Knowledge Initiative, has suggested a series of private public partnership to uplift educational standards. The increased reservation of seats is in line with those proposals.
To have reservation for economically and underprivileged children in private institutions is a welcome step. It would prove beneficial for the children who are intelligent and are inclined towards studies but don’t get enough opportunities to excel in life.
It’s the duty of the private schools to accommodate the children from lower strata of the society so that they can build their careers. Private institutions need to come forward and play their role in shaping the careers of the young children who are the future of Kashmir.
The government should consider the recommendations which have been put forth by the panel and implement these. There are reports that government is considering to compensate private schools for additional reservations.
Education sector in the state needs to be revamped so that children get their due share and don’t suffer due to their parents not being in position to afford their education. Poor results of the government schools and desperate attempts of the government to get the results improved have not yielded any results.
If the government decides to compensate the private schools it would be a good step and private schools should have no objection in giving admissions to the children from the poor families. Now ball is in the court of the government and it has to take a final call over the issue.