India has nothing to worry about China-Bangla ties: Sheikh Hasina


Dhaka: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked India not to worry about Dhaka’s growing ties with China, asserting that the cooperation with Beijing was meant only for the country’s development.
Ms. Hasina said her government was only concerned about the development, and is ready to cooperate with any country that helps Bangladesh’s growth.
“We want investment and cooperation from whoever offers it. We want development of the country… We have to think about our people as they are the beneficiaries of the development,” Ms. Hasina on Tuesday told a delegation of visiting Indian journalists at her official residence.
She said India, China, Japan and even the Middle Eastern countries were coming to Bangladesh for cooperation.
“India has nothing to be worried about it,” Ms. Hasina said.
“I will [rather] suggest India should have good relations with its neighbours, including Bangladesh, so this region could be developed further and we can show the world that we all work together,” she said.
Ms. Hasina, 70, said Bangladesh and India shared “excellent” ties and the two countries have set an example of solving problems like maritime and boundary disputes.