Soz demands action against those supporting accused


Srinagar, Feb 18: Urging secular forces in Jammu to continue their fight against the communalism, former union minister and senior Congress leader Prof Saifuddin Soz demanded action against RSS and BJP activists who are supporting the accused involved in the rape and murder of 8-year-old girl in Kathua recently.
“It is so tragic to find secular forces in Jammu in tight spot in facing nakedly exhibited communalism by the RSS and BJP combine at Kathua. The leaders in the secular space in Jammu have faced it all along and they should continue to fight against this nefarious sectarian menace”, Soz said in a statement on Sunday afternoon.
He said the procession led by RSS and BJP elements in Kathua, the other day, against the legal and lawful proceedings by the J&K Police involving a rapist and a murderer is by itself a heinous crime against humanity. After all, the question remains with the Civil Society in Jammu as to what these hooligans want the Police to do when an eight year old innocent child was raped and murdered by the criminal who has been brought to book under law, he said.
Prof Soz said the RSS and BJP elements who led the sectarian and provocative procession must be brought to book under law. It is an occasion for secular parties and individuals in Jammu to rally around J&K Police which is trying to enforce law and order and fight against sectarian elements who, unfortunately, get support from the RSS/BJP leaders who are part of the Ruling Coalition.