Dead end?

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Pakistan’s Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan has said that India has not only wasted the opportunity for normalisation of ties with Islamabad but also restricted the space for peace through its “hostile” stance.Assertion of the Pakistan Defence Minister that an opportunity has been lost is a clear indication that relations between both the both India and Pakistan have touched the lowest ebb and the peace process has ended. “The unremittingly hostile, anti-Pakistan stance by the current Indian government has drastically reduced the space for any advocacy of peace,” Khan had said.People of both the countries are facing the brunt of the hostilities and border dwellers are the worst sufferers. During the past few years guns have not stopped roaring and the war like situation is prevailing on the borders. If the situation continues to remain grim there is every possibility about both the nations being pushed to the extreme ends. There was time at a time when there was a political consensus in India and Pakistan for improving relations. India had even granted the status of Most Favoured Nation to Pakistan. Both the countries were gradually moving ahead and the increase in people to people contact had led to ties showing significant improvement. Violations of a 2003 ceasefire pact, a key confidence building measure between India and Pakistan, have seen a spike in 2017 compared 2015 and 2016.The pattern has continued this year and there have been more than 200 violations in the first six weeks of 2018. If the trend continues there is every possibility about more truce violations taking place within this year. Assertions of Khan indicate that neighboring country has given up and war is in the air.