Egypt detains ex-presidential candidate Aboul Fotouh


Cairo: Egyptian police have arrested Abdul Moneim Aboul Fotouh, a leading opposition figure and former presidential candidate, over his alleged ties with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group.
On the orders of the country’s public prosecutor, six other senior members of Fotouh’s Strong Egypt Party were also detained on Wednesday, local media reported.
Fotouh’s son confirmed his father’s arrest from his home in Cairo on his Facebook page.
Other party members detained were Ahmed Abdel Jawad, Ahmed Salem, Mohamed Osman, Abdul Rahman Haridi, Ahmed Imam, and Tamer Gilani.
The arrests come days after an Egyptian lawyer submitted a complaint to the public prosecutor, calling for the arrest of Aboul Fotouh after the latter appeared on an Al Jazeera television show from London.
In his complaint, lawyer Samir Sabry accused Aboul Fotouh of “spreading fake news” and demeaning Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.