‘Militancy of 2017 different from nineties’

‘Militancy of 2017 different from nineties’
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Afaq Bhat
Srinagar, Feb 14: A top army commander on Wednesday asserted that youth joining militancy in Kashmir is a concern and the trend needs to be addressed.
Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Devraj Anbu while talking to reporters on sidelines of a function in Udhampur asserted that local youth joining militant ranks needs to be addressed.
An analyst while commenting on Lt General Anbu’s statement said, “He is not the first person who has expressed concern over youth picking up the guns. All of us have been saying that it’s a serious matter and it needs to be looked into.”
He said, “Militancy has resurfaced in Kashmir and its ripple effects are being felt in Jammu also.”
The analyst said, “On one hand militancy related incidents are increasing while on the other hand India and Pakistan armies are trading fire frequently. People living on the borders and near the Line of Control (LoC) are facing the brunt.”
Lt General Anbu said, “Enemy is frustrated and is trying for softer targets, when they fail at borders they attack on camps.”
Gen Anbu claimed that social media is acting as a catalyst in brewing militancy, “Social media is also responsible for increase in militancy, it’s engaging the youth at a large scale and I think we need to focus on this issue soon,” he said.
A Kashmir watcher said, “The big issue which everyone needs to address is growing alienation among the youth. The biggest concern for the younger generation is the lack of avenues. Thousands of educated youth have no jobs and are struggling to make their ends meet. On the other hand they are facing very difficult conditions. The growing insecurity has pushed them towards the wall.”
He said, “The naked dance of death needs to stop. Bloodshed and violence have added fuel to the fire. All this has to stop somewhere. Using force only is no solution.”
An official said, “The militancy of 2017 is entirely different from the militancy of nineties. In nineties there were many militant groups and these groups had no coordination. Today there are only a few militant groups and they operate in tandem with each other.”
The official said, “These groups have a strong network of over ground workers and the informers. To catch these OGWs and informers is emerging as a big challenge as they provide the armed militants with all the logistic support.”
He said, “Security agencies are facing a tough challenge and a multi pronged strategy is required to deal with the situation.”