From bad to worst!

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The escalation in violence in Jammu and Kashmir first on the Line of Control and International Border and now within Jammu and Srinagar cities has once again pushed India and Pakistan to brink.
On Saturday militants carried out a Fidayeen attack at Sunjwa military station in Jammu and on Monday tried to enter inside a CRPF camp at Karan Nagar in Srinagar. The bid was foiled but gun battle broke out in the heart of the summer capital. These back to back attacks that too in capital cities of Jammu and Kashmir indicate that situation is grim.
Prior to these attacks armies of both the countries were busy in trading heavy fire on the borders and LoC and many lives on both the sides have been lost due to these skirmishes.
Both the countries seem to have closed the option of talks and this has led to the increase in hostilities. Since the day India and Pakistan have stopped talking to each other armies of both the countries have become aggressive.
Kashmir based politicians have been reiterating that hostilities should end and both the countries should start talking to each other and bury the hatchet so that a new beginning could be made. There are reports that backchannel talks were on but these have had not any impact on the ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
The border dwellers are living a miserable life under constant fear and threat. They don’t know which shell or bullet would hit them. Condition on both the sides of Line of Control is same. Civilian population on both the sides is facing the brunt of the uncertain situation. Till both the countries don’t start talking to each other there are remote chances of situation showing any improvement.