Take cue from Education deptt


Education Minister Altaf Bukhari making it clear in the House that teachers seeking postings citing security reasons would be cleared on the basis of the CID report is an indication that no teacher would be posted on political considerations.
The Education department has remained in news for quite sometime as the allegations have been galore that the influential teachers manage the postings of their choice with the help of people at the top. Many teachers have been posted close to their homes as they cite security threat in other areas.
Now the ball has been put in the court of the CID. It’s the investigating agency which would decide whether the person seeking transfer faces any threat or not.
It has been observed that politicians use their influence to get people posted. They don’t use influence only to get the teachers posted. They use it in every department. The need of the hour is that every department should develop a mechanism to ensure that no postings are done on the basis of political considerations. Others need to take a cue from the Education Minister and see to it that no postings and transfers are done on the basis of political considerations as it sends a wrong signal.
Many people believe that transfers and postings have become big money spinners. This notion needs to be dispelled by having stringent and transparent laws at place. One hopes this CID experiment of the Education department works and it becomes the benchmark for other departments. If the people at the helm start influencing CID department it would send a wrong signal.