Hakeem Yaseen for filling up of 40000 vacancies on fast track basis


Jammu, Feb 9: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen urged the Government to fill up those 40,000 vacancies in various government departments on fast track basis which have been identified in the next year’s Budget.
In his supplementary question during Question Hour in Assembly Friday Hakeem Yaseen said that the state is reeling under the crisis of unemployment problem adding that extra-ordinary measures are required to provide jobs to the educated unemployed youth to protect their future from exploitation by the vested elements. He said about 40,000 existing vacancies as mentioned by the Finance Minister in next year’s Budget is not a small number adding that need of the hour was to fill up these vacancies on fast track basis in a transparent manner.
Hakeem Yaseen said that the Government should formulate a comprehensive job policy to tackle with unemployment problem confronting the state. He said if “we fail to protect our unemployed youth from exploitative forces at this juncture, the posterity will never forgive us.”