JKLF announces protest program on the twin anniversaries of Bhat and Guroo

JKLF announces protest program on the twin anniversaries of Bhat and Guroo


Srinagar, Feb 7, CNS: Ahead of twin anniversaries of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has announced its protest programme with its chairman Yasin Malik paying glowing tributes to the duo.

In a statement, the front spokesperson announced the programmes ahead of twin anniversaries of Bhat and Guru.

On 9th February, according to the JKLF statement, a memorandum will be passed in every masjid across Kashmir. This, he said, will be followed by protests to demand the mortal remains of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru.

On 11th February, JKLF has called for UN chalo march to present a memorandum to the UN General Secretary about returning mortal remains of Bhat and Guru.

The JKLF has also said that a meeting for building a memorial will also be held at Bhat’s native village Trehgam.

Besides, JKLF has also said protests will be organized across the world in places such as the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, JKLF chairman Yasin Malik has paid glowing tributes to Bhat and Guru on their anniversaries.

“Martyr Muhammad Maqbool Bhat is the father of our nation. He is the corner stone of our resistance. His struggle and sacrifices represent every oppressed and subjugated human,” JKLF spokesperson quoted Malik as having said.

Malik who has been languishing in central jail Srinagar termed Bhat as an intellectual who according to him led Kashmiris on all fronts-armed, political and intellectual.

“On 11th February 1984, Indian rulers decided to hang this leader and thus choke Kashmiri voice for freedom on gallows in Tihar Jail Delhi but time has proved that India failed to achieve this goal as thousands of new Maqbool’s originated from his sacred blood,” quoted JKLF spokesperson as Malik having said.

Guru and Bhat were secretly hanged and buried inside Tihar jail on February 9, 2013 and February 11, 1984 respectively. (CNS)