Pumpkin seeds wondrous benefits


Pumpkin may not be a favour-ite vegetable for many but its seeds have an abundance of amazing benefits that will do wonders for your health.Healthy heartPumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, which is impera-tive for adequate physiological body function. This includes the proper pumping of your heart, as well as tooth and bone formation, DNA synthesis and bowel function. Magnesium is also a natural relaxant.SleepBeing high in the amino acid tryptophan, pumpkin seeds help you to have a restful night’s sleep. They’re literally nature’s sleeping pills.Stablilising blood sugarDue to being high in protein, pumpkin seeds help to regu-late your blood sugar levels. This has two particularly great potential benefits—weight loss and diabetes prevention. It’s also said to help the latter by de-creasing oxidative stress.High in Omega-3Pumpkin seeds are one of the most notable plant-based sourc-es of obtaining omega-3. This is a fatty acid that’s essential to me-tabolism health, as well as brain and cognitive performance.EnergizingPumpkin seeds are full of iron, which will give you a fantastic energy boost throughout the day. This is a great alternative to sugary snacks that will only give you energy for a short pe-riod of time before resulting in a sugar crash.Lowers cholesterolIn addition to omega-3, pump-kin seeds are also rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid. This helps to lower bad LDL cholesterol and there-fore helps prevent stroke and coronary artery disease.