Monkey menace issue rocks Assembly


Jammu, Feb 6: The monkey menace issue on Tuesday rocked the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly here.
MLA Bandipora Usman Majid during Zero Hour raised the issue of monkey troubles in his constituency.
”Monkeys are creating problems in my Constituency. They are damaging property, biting children and have created havoc,” said the MLA.
He however, was also supported by NC MLA Devendra Singh Rana, BJP MLA Ranbir Pathania, Congress MLA Aijaz Khan and other members of the House, who requested the Speaker Kavinder Gupta to allow the resolution on this issue of concern.
The members shouted in the House and asked the concerned department of wildlife to take immediate measures in this issue.
However, the Speaker directed the Government that it is everybody’s concern and the Government should take the matter into consideration for early redressal.
Meanwhile MLA Jeewan Lal has also sought reply from the government on tehsil-wise the area of agriculture land as have remained uncultivated due to monkey nuisance since few years in Kathua district.
The government however, in a written reply said that in the year 2014-15, 2094 hectares of land remained uncultivated, in 2015-16, 3395 hectares of land and in 2016-17, 2826 hectares of land remained uncultivated due to monkey menace in Kathua district.
The government further replied that there is no provision for any kind of compensation to the farmers under any scheme on account of loss to crops due to monkey nuisance.
”It has been observed that the wild animals like monkeys are shifting to inhabited areas and cultivated lands due to human intervention in the forest areas,’’ the Minister In-charge said, adding that to deal with the nuisance, Agriculture Department is educating the farmers to grow the crops which are not liked by monkeys such as fodder, okra, ginger, turmeric and chilies so that maximum possible cultivable area is sown and farmers do not suffer any losses.