Work on all allied links of Harwawail-Gaffarabad CRF project in progress: Naeem


Jammu, Feb 5: Minister for Public Works Naeem Akhtar informed the House that work on all the links of the approved CRF project namely “Up-gradation Harwawail Gaffarabad road via Samsan upto Yarikhah” is under progress.
He said the allied links are to connect Waterhail, Hurdwail, Akarwail, Arina, GA Naik and Kanoora .
Replying to the question of Saif-ud-Din Bhat, the Minister said that the work on these links by way of WBM G-I, G-II etc is in progress.
The Minister further said that Khansahib-Shanipora road has been restored by way of WBM G-II, G-III & OGPC in patches/stretches, under maintenance grants. He further informed that the restoration of Sloughed area of the road, by way of Crate protection work, has also been taken up and completed.