‘ReTs selection froze due to resource issues, litigations’


Jammu, Feb 5: Minister for Education Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, Monday informed the Legislative Assembly that the government has suspended the ReT selection to first consolidate the resources vis-a-vis financial implications and rationalization of schools.
“We are already facing problems in paying salaries of serving ReTs due resource issues. It has been decided to go for new selection of ReTs only after resource assessment,” the Minister told the house in reply to a Calling Attention Notice moved by MLA Abdul Majid Padder in this regard.
The Minister said that a large number of litigations are also a reason for pendency of ReT cases.
Responding to specific queries, the Minister said 59 panels of ReTs are pending in Kulgam district of which 17 are sub-judice. “Similarly, in case of Noorabad Constituency, there are 15 panels pending, of which 3 panels are sub-judice,” the Minister added.