Hakeem Yaseen aghast over thrashing of Kashmiri students outside state


Jammu, Feb 4: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has expressed serious concern over reports of thrashing and harassment of Kashmiri students studying in various outside state colleges and universities.
In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen said that another such case has been reported in Haryana where a group of goons have beaten two students of Rajouri district of the state adding that the PDP led Coalition government has miserably failed to provide secure environment to the Kashmiri students and businessmen in the outside states of the country.
He said repeated incidents of harassment to Kashmiri students and businessmen in the outside states has caused a great sense of insecurity and harassment to them and their families where the government on the other hand seems helpless to check these intentional attacks on Kashmiris. “Government has been unable to contain this hooliganism against Kashmiris in the outside states and has resorted to mere official clarifications over each such ugly incidents,” Hakeem Yaseen added.
He said repeated attacks and harassment to Kashmiris by the miscreants outside the state has widened the atmosphere of disillusionment and fear scychicis among them which has been one of the root causes of alienation and dissent from the mainstream.
He said such type of attacks are going against the larger interests of the country adding that the Governments at the helm of affairs both at Center and the state shall have to be answerable before the peace loving and secular people of the country. “On one hand governments at the center and the state are beating drums to hug the turmoil ravaged Kashmiris and to provide them healing touch but in the same breath they have let loose a reign of terror on them,” Hakeem Yaseen has lamented.
He said failure on the part of the PDP to secure life and property of the common people has put a big question mark on the credibility of the present govt. adding that this dispensation has s right to be in place.
Hakeem Yaseen has appealed to all the peace loving and secular minded people and political groups all over the country to rise to the occasion to rein in against miscreants and vested interests who are hell-bent to widen the gap of mistrust and suspicion between people of the Kashmir and rest of the country. He has demanded punitive action against miscreants involved in beating the Kashmiri students in a Haryana college to regain their trust over the rule of law and justice. (KNS)