Easy tips to stay fit at 40


Forget sweating it out in a gym, it’s possible to lose extra flab in a smarter wayIf you have a sedentary life style and have just hit the big F, don’t frown every time you see yourself in the mirror and notice the bulges. That extra flab can be made to disappear with a little extra effort. You don’t have to really sweat it out in a gym to stay in shape. A few smart tips is all you need-If you are not a morn-ing person, don’t set your alarm at an unearthly hour. Get up at your scheduled time and do some free-hand, stretch-es and yoga for half an hour.-Try doing low to me-dium intensity cardio exercises to burn extra fat and increase your me-tabolism.-Walk for half an hour to begin with. If you feel bored going alone, ask a friend/someone from your family. Better still, offer to buy the morning veggies and walk to the nearest market.-Do some warm-ups before you start the real exercise-Carry a bottle of water with you when you head for a morning walk/jog-Don’t go exercising on an empty stom-ach. Have a couple of low fat biscuits or an apple.-Never go out for a walk immediately after dinner/breakfast.-Take the stairs, avoid the lift. You can climb six storeys five times at a stretch then that’s equivalent to a 30 minute jog!It’s important to follow a routine when you start exercising so that you can discipline yourself. Don’t see it like a task, try and think of the positive: you get to lose weight and fit into that pair of jeans you’ve liked. Don’t over-tire yourself. Gradually give yourself more time – from 20 minutes to 40 and then an hour.