Will salary hike increase efficiency also?

Will salary hike increase efficiency also?
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Jan 11: Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu announcing that recommendations of the 7th pay commission would be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir from 1st April 2018 and the employees would get the retrospective effect from January 2016 has brought the smiles on the faces of over 5 lakh government employees in the state.
An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “There is no harm in government employees getting a salary hike. It would help them in coping up with the expenses which have increased manifolds due to the growing inflation.”
He said, “The government employees keep on getting a substantial salary hike after regular intervals. But the million dollar question is does it increase their efficiency? This question is for them to answer as they are the best judges.”
A Kashmir watcher said that besides enhancing the salaries of the employees the state government should create more job avenues for the younger generation, which is facing immense problems due to lack of employment avenues in the state. “There are hundreds of posts vacant in different departments and these need to be filled. It would help in accommodating the jobless youth.”
He said, “Central government is also extending all possible help to the state and it needs to take advantage of Centre’s help.”
A politician said, “The decision of the state government to implement the recommendations of the 7th Pay-Commission is a welcome step. One hopes that employees realize their responsibilities and work towards strengthening the hands of the government.”
He said, “The development of the state is in the hand of the employees. They are the ones who have to implement the schemes and have to ensure that benefits trickle down to the grass root level. They hold very important position and if they work sincerely they can change the destiny of the state and its people.”
A critic said, “Let’s hope that increase in the salaries of employees would bring down the level of corruption in the state and would increase the efficiency of the employees.”
He said, “A recent survey conducted by an independent agency claimed that J&K is among the top 10- corrupt states in the country and works of common people keep on lingering in the government offices for months together. This perception has to change. This can change only when employees mend their ways and become people friendly. They have to bear it in mind that they are public servants. It’s the employees who are the face of any government. Their good work should reflect on the ground.”

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