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The Jammu and Kashmir government acting tough against the SKIMS doctors who were caught indulging in private practice is a strong message for the doctors, who get Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) to stay away from their private clinics. Removing Director SKIMS is a message for all the heads to ensure that the people working under them don’t go astray and follow the service rules in letter and spirit.
The opinion of the people over doctors indulging in private practice in Kashmir is divided. Some people are in favour of it while a few oppose it. After government’s tough call there is every possibility about SKIMS doctors staying away from their clinics at least for time being as speculations are rife that a few others are also under scanner.
Many people believe that doctors working in government hospitals can serve the people in a better way if they leave their jobs and concentrate on developing private hospitals. It has been observed that many patients from Kashmir visit other states for getting specialized treatment due to lack of facilities in the Valley.
During the past few years only private maternity homes have come up in the Valley as people don’t want to invest in the full-fledged hospital. There is only one government run children hospital in Kashmir and most of the time it remains over crowded. There are so many areas in which private players can invest but they prefer not to.
The doctors who believe that they can do better in their lives by establishing private clinics and hospitals should quit government jobs and set up their own ventures as many people in Kashmir prefer to visit private clinics of the doctors rather than the hospitals.

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