US-Pak relations hit a new low

American President Donald Trump blocking the financial aid to Pakistan has triggered debate across the sub-continent.
Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that Washington’s financial assistance was “very, very insignificant” and that Islamabad was “on the forefront of the war on terror”.
In an interview with the Guardian, Abbasi said that reports about the US was considering cuts of up to $2 billion in security assistance were bewildering because of the total aid Pakistan — civilian and military — actually received was a tiny fraction of that amount.
Despite Pakistan terming American aid as “Insignificant” the bottom line is that United States has taken a tough call. The ripple effects of the decision taken by the American President were felt in Pakistan as the Pakistan warned the people not to donate money towards the organizations run by Hafiz Saeed and Maulana Masood Azhar.
Many people in India believe that action taken by the United States is a welcome step and it has pushed Pakistan to the wall. But a few people think that cutting US aid won’t have any impact on the neighboring country as China is supporting it fully. The China has gone out of way to support Pakistan and has been backing it fully.
It seems the decision of the United States to cut financial aid to Pakistan is final as the American officials on Saturday said that all the options against Pakistan are open and if it fails to act against “terror” US can take any step. The relations between Pakistan and the United States have touched a new low and it doesn’t augur well for the neighboring country. US acting tough has provided an opportunity to hardliners in Pakistan to take the driver’s seat and push the moderate elements away from the scene.

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