Tourists are back

There is good news for the people associated with the Tourism industry in Kashmir. Many tourists visited the Valley on the new-year eve and celebrated the advent of 2018 in Glumarg, Phalgam, Srinagar and other places.
It’s after nearly three years that tourists have thronged that famous ski-resort of Gulmarg in winters and are enjoying various winter sports, including skiing.
Tourism industry had taken a hit in 2014 due to Kashmir witnessing the worst flood of the century. The subsequent years 2015 and 2016 witnessed tremendous decline in footfall of the tourists and it almost crippled the people associated with the industry.
The year 2018 has started on a positive note and people associated with tourism are praying the trend continues in the months to come. Thousands of people associated with this industry have changed their lines or have moved outside Kashmir due to massive job cut in hotels and restaurants operational in the Valley.
At present Gulmarg is witnessing a good rush of tourists and if the situation remains normal more tourists are expected to visit the Valley in coming days.
New Tourism Minister Tasaduq Mufti can play a vital role in reviving the tourism industry in Kashmir. He can use his contacts in Bollywood and persuade them to come to Kashmir to shoot films.
Tasaduq on the other hand would have to counter the negative propaganda and tirade launched against the Kashmir and its tourism. He would have to ensure that people intending to visit the Valley are not misled by a handful of people with vested interests. As a Tourism Minister he has to act as a representative of Kashmiris and has to revive the most important sector in the Valley.

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