Address winter woes


Since the day winter has set in Kashmir, people are facing lot of problems. They are facing acute shortage of electricity and even there are reports that ration depots and Anganwari Centers in far-flung areas are running dry.

In absence of the electricity people are resorting to old methods to ensure that winter doesn’t trouble them. The demand for wooden, coal and gas bukharis has picked up. The electronic gadgets which used to keep people warm during winters have turned useless in absence of the electricity and low voltage.
On the other hand there are reports that ration depots and Anganwari centers in far-flung areas are without proper supplies.

The failure of the government to streamline the power supply and the supply of essentials in Kashmir during the chilly winter days has put a question mark on the tall claims of the government to upgrade the power distribution system in the Valley and it dumping enough stocks in the far-flung areas.
Before the onset of winter Government had claimed that enough stocks have been dumped in the places which receive heavy snowfall.

It’s an established fact that people face lot of problems in Kashmir. Even in 21st century people in Kashmir depend on old methods to keep themselves warm and struggle to keep their stocks intact.

People who can afford prefer to move out of Kashmir during the winter months but the ones who cannot are left with no other option other than to stay in Kashmir and survive in difficult conditions. One hopes that government takes notice of the sufferings of the people and makes adequate arrangements for their survival in winter season.

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