Kashmiris look for better avenues

The dwindling number of skilled and unskilled labourers in Kashmir is a cause of concern. Jobs of masons, carpenters, labourers, and other small time workers have been taken up by the non-locals from other states. Most of them have got settled permanently in Kashmir
Some of the vendors, including sweet sellers and confectioners, plumbers, electricians and others, who have come from various areas in the country are settled in parts of Srinagar and have become the main stakeholders.
Carpenters and masons have been coming to the Valley since mid 80’s. The non-local labourers, carpenters and masons would invariably spend less time on tea breaks and luncheons. Prior to their engagement as masons and carpenters in Kashmir .In fact the output they showed at the end of the day was more than the local masons and carpenters.
In 2017 Kashmir is facing eventual shortage of masons, carpenters labourers and street vendors. These jobs are being mostly done by the non-locals. Many people gave the professions of their forefathers in Kashmir to make more money. The increase in literacy level in the Valley also led to Kashmiris saying good-bye to menial jobs.
The another trend which is fast emerging in Kashmir is that now the people even get the domestic helps from outside states. Many people in Kashmir are running agencies to provide domestic helps to the people and having maid from outside the state is slowly becoming a fashion.
It looks like that within a few years the entire workforce for menial jobs would come from outside states as the people in Kashmir are running away from it and are looking for better avenues.
Earlier people in rural areas used to sow and harvest their crops on their own. Now the trend has changed. Now people hire the non-local labourers for the job.

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