New Year With Novice Hopes


Shahid Majeed Mir

This time of year is time of critical introspection of our progress in recent years to enter the new year with inspiring hopes for promising youth. This time of year finds everyone in recollection and reverie mode! Memories of the self through hard times and good in the year gone by tend to rise on the mind screen. Relief for things one was able to manage well, regret for other things that soured either because of misunderstanding or impatience or lack of choice. Everyday starts with promising note for every human being who is capable of distinguishing between rational and irrational, ideal and real, scientific and unscientific, ethical and non ethical, moral and immoral and so on. Being elite in nature among whole living community of planet, human beings stand on sentinel of their regulation and control to progress and suit the teleological end of humanity. From analytical point of view the success story is contrary to what is being perceived to claim the sobriquet of worthy development for mankind. The biggest tragedy of ours is to dislike where we have failed yet create pandemonium about our achievements. Syria or Iceland? Hungary millions or surplus Americans? Artificial intelligence giants (Japan) or Somalia( no electricity? Palestine or East Timor? Kashmir or kerala?. How does our leaders can justify these opposing poles is mystery of enclosing week of 2017 on eve of stepping into 2018.
The success story relies on three prominent factors: knowledge, skill and attitude. They help to make progress and provide avenues for us to gauge the enclosing years success on various fronts. While elaborating the ist dimension, it takes into insights of What To Know. It’s an established universal reality about knowledge that one which leads to resolution of fault lines through thinking ability of human beings. To cite an example is to make pellet guns culprit in our backyard. Though angry youth acted against established legal order but humane treatment to humanity is the resolution of those fault lines. This dimension leads us to point where the introspective steps should be taken to modify our policies in future like fulfillment of loss in education sector(shutdowns) and Economic sector. The need of hour is refit our deteriorated system at home otherwise the mere recognition serves none other than sending coals to new castle. 2nd front is to implement that learning or knowledge on ground level. This orientation takes the search to How to Know or the application of resolving fault lines in day to day activities. Herein lies the serious gap in Kashmiri environment. Every time we rise on prospect of aspiring hopes but alas! Most often we fail to turn the vigour and vitality into future full of blossom and sweet ripened fruits for generations to come. It’s clear lacking in our skill availability to derail our educational sector in prospect of long term peace. It’s necessary on our part to remind our youth, no society thrives on illiterate minds which could only manage to taste smoking and drinking. The need is to separate our priorities with crystal clear backing for socio economic development to outshine the counterparts in development path, lest we fail to produce intellectuals in place drunkards and goons.
Thirdly success story is determined by attitude of humanity towards aims and objectives over and above the acclaimed development on ground. This pole is much fast than other dimensions to clearly guide us towards success to accomplish the ever remaining goal of humanity. All in one the serious analysis takes pause to remind the grief about attitude factor of humanity. While analysing the past, success is claimed as sobriquet beyond imagination by being blind towards slew of failures. There’s huge list of missing linkages where the merit of doing better was ignored on pretext of being unnecessary to humanity at large. Back home the tragedies of 2016 and 2017 to shut down every kind of day today activity is always taken as short term loss to improvise thereafter without take note of fact that “Time is a valuable gift of time itself”, it albeit provides opportunity for mankind to improve but shall not be made to believe for quid pro quo. The development on attitudinal front seems severe with ample amount of risky passages to imagine one’s work in relation to world gives it more meaning and suddenly makes the details more important.
How does one develop such mindset, one that connects us to objectives and their realisation? Is it possible for all kinds of mentalities?. Here I shall remind the saying “the best reward of a person’s work isn’t what he gets out of it, but what he becomes by it “. At the last hour of year there is a need to introspect our place of prominence in our counterparts along length and breadth of planet. We have a pool of committed intellectual ability in form of aspiring youth of valley. There’s need to utilise the energy and guide the future to more progressive and promising trajectory. Inspiration of generation rests not in the power corridors of government nor in the legal luminaries of judiciary or that of bureaucracy but the human resource development of society. It takes the focus away from what we might get out of work (which is often the source of much pressure and tension) in the process , freeing youth to actually pay attention to the details and do a better job!. The answer likely lies in our change of mentality to resolve while adapting any strategy for resolution of issues at hand otherwise the time is bound to left us in lurch despite the inspiration as our sidekick in entire history.
After thoroughly understanding the pros and cons of recent years progress, the tragedy seems awaiting at our doors in backyard. The lament isn’t much about loss of lives albeit their irreparable damage to kith and kin of our families but the out of school days of promising and inspiring youth with much avid and enthusiasm to shine their career through better pursuits of future life. Who could act as pep talk of our youth? Who is ready to offer us promising year after bloody 2016 and blockade of 2017? The ending note need to be unbiased in transferring burden entirely on government’s shoulders as is maintained “Change begins from society itself”. There is a need of active collaboration between government of the day and youth through civil society organisations or NGO ‘S to help act as break waters to storm for much awaiting reform in societal behaviour of Kashmir. Although change is bound but the piecemeal techniques of insemination of ides through education would make it easy. Our youth is a hidden resource in embryonic form which can stood steadfast in front of any task if provided avenues to flourish. Scepticism is there for me to look for with fingers crossed.