Move beyond stone-pelting

The Union Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir has once again asserted that stone pelting incidents in Jammu and Kashmir have declined and situation is improving.
The central and the state governments have been patting their backs for ensuring agitation-free 2017 in Kashmir and are projecting it as a big success.
Government granting amnesty to the youth who were booked by the Police on the charges of stone-pelting last year is being projected as one of the most significant confidence building measures. There is no doubt about the fact that amnesty to youth has come as a relief for them but this is just a beginning and still lot needs to be done.
The youth have to be engaged the unemployed have to be provided with the employment and the ones who are languishing in jails need to be released. Government should stop patting its back for stone-pelting incidents declining in Kashmir. It needs to go beyond it and ensure that sustainable peace is restored in the Valley.
The need of the hour is to engage with the people who are unhappy and disgruntled they have to be taken on board. Till they are not roped in uncertainty would keep on prevailing.
Besides organizing sports activities for the youth the government should arrange recruitment drives and needs to pay attention towards the growth of the private sector. If the private sector flourishes in Kashmir it would create more employment opportunities for young boys and girls, who come out of colleges and have nothing to do.
One hopes Central and State government would move beyond stone-pelting narrative and would focus on engaging youth in constructive activities.