BJP not ready to take a chance

Despite Peoples Democratic Party shuffling its ministers twice in the past one year, its ally Bharatiya Janata Party has not touched its ministers and have allowed its old team to continue.
There were speculations that BJP ministers would be reshuffled but it did not happen as the BJP’s central leadership did not give its nod. Many young and new faces in the saffron party were hoping that they would get a chance to prove their mettle but they may have to sit on the fence at least for some more time.
The BJP in 2014 assembly polls had turned the tide against the Congress party by winning 25 out of 37 seats in the regions. Even the Congress stalwarts and the former ministers had to bite the dust.
Since the day PDP and BJP have joined the hands many people in Jammu region have been alleging that BJP ministers have not lived up to the expectations of the people and have not fulfilled the promises which they had made to the masses.
Even within the BJP resentment is brewing against the ministers and many leaders of the saffron party have gone on record to castigate the BJP ministers and have accused them of ignoring the party workers.
No reshuffle would mean more dissent in the party. Most of the BJP leaders have become the ministers for the first time. They took their own time to settle down and run the ministries. They have been caught in the midst of the controversies and have been grappling with number of issues. In fact they have taken three long years to settle down that’s why it seems that BJP high command has decided to carry on with the present team and give them some more time.