Nisaar Nadiadwala, Dawah Icon


Raashid Ul Nabi Khan

Nisaar Nadiadwala is a peace tv speaker and a very good friend of mine. He is very famous for writing notes on facebook on various socio religious issues. His writing is more inclined towards youth, during his tour to kashmir in 2014 i met him and to be honest he is very humble and down to earth personality. He had written more than thousand notes on facebook which attract the readers day in and day out. He is also the author of two books namely “I WANT TO MARRY BUT” and “THE MODEST MUSLIMAH AND HER HIJAB”. He mainly focuses on issues related to youth from the islamic perspective. He is trainer in public speaking for islam. He has been with IRF(ISLAMIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION) from past 11 years and also conduct the Dawah training programmes there. He has now his own institution under the title “Nisaar Nadiadwala’s Trainers Gallery, to teach young muslims how to think, write and speak on islam. His upcoming books are “ The dairy of a Daee” “Financial literacy for muslims” and many more. He is a wonderful orator of islam, he has given various Public talks on islam
across the globe. There is no doubt he is definetly a multi talented
personality. His notes on facebook are amazing some of his notes which include “Hit him hard man! the cult of violence” “which way your child inclines to? real achiever or fake?” “when you marry hopes and scopes” and many more. His writing skills amazes me every time he writes like an artist, the thing which i like most about his notes is
that his writing is 100% reader friendly.
His public talks which he delivered include “characteristics of Daee” “Hazards of conventional economic system” “Media,Handle it with care” etc. His workshops include “Beyond education” “Brain capital invest your intelligence” ”Tell well, master your communication skills” and many more. In 2007 he attended the interfaith dialouge committee conference at Mecca,saudi Arabia and then in 2008 at Madrid spain hosted by saudi king Abdullah. In 2009 he was invited to muslim university of Morogora Tanzania to conduct a week long Dawah workshop. He has also delivered workshop at international Islamic university Malaysia in 2012. Nisaar Nadiadwala is a well-known public speaker onIslam and interfaith dialogues for over 15 years. A ex- senior speaker of IRF Mumbai, he has delivered more than 200 talks in English, Urdu and Hindi. Head of the Trainer’s Gallery, he takes special interest in the grooming of youth through his workshops.. He has
written 500+ Facebook notes, read and shared by more than 50,000
readers. As a friend I wish May he achieve more and more heights in the field of Dawah, aameen. I love him for the sake of Allah, My teacher, My friend Nisaar Nadiadwala.
The writer is Principal at Alamdar Public School Bandzoo Pulwama.