Influential call shots


Transfer industry in Jammu and Kashmir has flourished during the past three years. It has put a question mark on the tall claims of transparency and good governance.
PDP and BJP leaders using their influence to get their blue-eyed boys transferred to plum positions is an “open secret” and everyone is aware about it.
The PDP-BJP leaders are using their influence to ensure that their writ prevails in the administration and they call the shots. Since the day PDP-BJP coalition has come into power it has ensured that their own men hold the key posts. Many competent officers were attached and pushed into cells while the people who enjoyed the political patronage were given the top positions.
It’s unfortunate that PDP-BJP leaders are concentrating on running the transfer industry rather than concentrating on providing good governance.
Allegations are galore that workers of ruling party have become brokers and are acting as conduits to get the officers transferred and placed. Many junior officers have been give prize postings while the seniors have been ignored.
Such transfers have been taking place covertly for a longtime. The unfortunate part is that it’s happening under the very nose of the PDP ministers who swear by transparency and accountability.
A few politicians are now pressing for shifting of many officers of PWD, PHE and PDD departments who haven’t obliged them in the past. Transfer industry has turned into a big money spinner. Politically motivated transfers of the government officials have punctured the tall claims of the government to put an end to the corrupt practices. Many people have started believing that despite the change of guard in the state nothing has changed on the ground.