Shocker for US! 

The international community opposing the move of the United States to declare Jerusalem as the capital of United States has come as a shock for the US President Donald Trump.
In the 193 member United Nations general assembly 128 countries backed the resolution against recognizing disputed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and voted in favour of a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for the United States to drop its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel`s capital.
The countries which defied the US President Donald Trump’s  diktat deserve all the appreciation.  By snubbing Trump administration on its unilateral decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel these countries have  proved that they are not afraid of United States and two wrongs don’t make one right.Trump’s proposed move was highly provocative that could have plunged the situation back in deep trouble in West Asia.
European Union, India, Pakistan and other countries boldly refused to follow the US line and stuck to the “international consensus” on Jerusalem. The 128 countries have shown mirror to US for its hypocrisy. It’s a time for the world “policeman” to do introspection and play a balanced role.
Surprisingly, New Delhi too joined the comity of nations to oppose the US move despite the present dispensation under PM Modi having very close ties with Tel Aviv. It seems better sense has prevailed and New Delhi has taken a right stand by voting in favour of the resolution rejecting Trump’s move.
Ahead of Thursday`s vote, the United States said it was “singled out for attack” at the United Nations over Jerusalem, which holds Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy sites.
The vote against the decision of the President Trump is a big development. It’s a wakeup call for United States.