PM should have courage to allege Pak-Manmohan collusion in Parliament: Cong


New Delhi, Dec 20: Prime Minister Narendra Modi “should have the courage” to make his earlier allegations about the Congress and Pakistan “colluding” while he is sitting in Parliament, said a Congress spokesman.
This comment by Congress spokesman Ghulam Nabi Azad came after Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu today said no apology was needed from the PM for alleging earlier this month that the Congress – with former PM Manmohan Singh – and Pakistan were in cahoots to ensure a BJP loss in the Assembly polls. Naidu told disruptive Congress MPs demanding an apology from PM Modi that the PM did not make his allegations in Parliament, which was why no apology was required.
This didn’t wash with Azad. He said if the PM “feels difficult to apologise” he should at least acknowledge his allegations were a poll stunt.
“We respect the PM, he should have the courage to say the same thing in the House also. If PM feels difficult to apologise, then he should say that he did it to win Gujarat elections and say that I take my words back now,” said Azad.
Modi had said at an election rally that Singh and other Congress leaders had a “secret meeting” with Pakistani officials to discuss ways to defeat the BJP in the Gujarat Assembly polls.
The PM’s allegations shocked several opposition leaders, not just those from the Congress. Singh, too, reacted in an uncharacteristically sharp manner, lashing out at PM Modi for spreading “falsehood and canards” to “score political points in a lost cause.”