Villages in Ganderbal deprived of sugar from last three months

Srinagar, Dec 19: Residents from different areas of Tehsil Kangan area of central Kashmir Ganderbal complaints about the lack or non availability of sugar at the ration depots since last three months.
Residents of Chinnar, Dragtungue, Prang, Check Prang, Gujjar Pati and other adjacent villages said that the ration depots are running without this essential commodity. They said that no one from the administration is paying attention to the problem. The residents of Prang alleged that the depot has no sugar which is causing immense difficulties. “Most of the card holders here not received their quota so far” they said.
They said that from last three months they have been deprived of the sugar supply adding that they are being forced to buy the sugar form the market due to non availability at the depots
While contacted concerned Tehsildar about the problem, he said that there as was shortage of sugar from past two months adding that now the supply will distribute in next week to the ration depots. (PTK)