Make recruitment process transparent


Jammu and Kashmir Police have busted one more fake job racket scam in Srinagar. It’s not for the first time that fake job racket scam has been busted in Kashmir. Many gullible youth are lured by the fraudsters on the name of a government job. These gullible youth are asked to pay huge amounts as kick backs. The modus of operandi of these fraudsters is such that they even give fake appointment letters to their clients.
In most of the cases it has been observed that such touts work as a gang and conduct the entire process in such a way that the victims don’t smell the rat till they reach the office to join their duties where they come to know that appointment letters given to them are fake.
There is a notion that government jobs are on sale and anyone who can afford can buy a job. The Jammu and Kashmir government needs to take a note of this to change the system. The recruitment process needs to be made transparent so that the notion is dispelled that government jobs can be purchased by paying hefty sums. The people who pay money most of the times end up losing their money as in most cases the money is usurped by the touts and cheats. In such cases accused even get the bail easily and the entire process of getting the money back gets caught in legal wrangles.
This process has to end and government has to step in to ensure that people are not cheated by miscreants who have developed an entire network to loot the people at the pretext of providing them with the government jobs.