Illegal construction of sheds goes unabated at Nallah Lar in Pulwama

Srinagar Dec 18: The illegal construction of sheds at Hawal on the bank of Nallah Lar is going unabated under the very nose of authorities in Pulwama.
Residents of area said that the some people hailing from different places have erected sheds illegally near Nallah Lar adding that the authorities seems turning blind eye to this encroachment.
They asked that the authorities should make it clear that who has given them permission for the construction in the area. They said that in 2014 after devastating floods, the irrigation department chopped thousand s of trees. They said that the Nallah Lar is the only source of water to orchards of hundreds of villages. They demand that the irrigation department should make efforts to save Nallah Lar. (PTK)