‘Slaughter Houses’

‘Slaughter Houses’
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The illegal clinics have witnessed mushroom growth in Kashmir and these clinics have been playing havoc with the lives of people.
These clinics operate without the requisite permission from the authorities. Officials need to gear up and act against these illegal clinics which have become “slaughter houses.” The quacks who run these clinics are not qualified and run these illegal institutions just to fill their coffers.
These ‘Neem Hakims’ are a threat to society and they need to be dealt with sternly. People unwittingly end up landing in trouble by visiting these clinics which have come up mostly in rural areas.
Recently authorities warned the owners of such clinics of stern action as these clinics are run by unregistered and untrained technicians.

It’s a serious issue and that all such clinics need to be closed.

Authorities have been making tall claims about having constituted flying squads to check the operations of illegal clinics but on the ground these squads have failed to act against these illegal establishments.
Drives against these illegal clinics have remained confined to a few districts and there are allegations that owners of these clinics are hand in glove with the authorities and people at the helm.
Many cases involving these clinics go unreported as the patients treated by such clinics rarely reach the hospital or by the time they reach the hospital they are on their last legs. The government should mark closing these clinics as its priority so that precious human lives are saved. The need of the hour is to frame stringent laws to deal with the owners of such clinics who seem to have no fear for law. These illegal activities need to be curbed at any cost.