PSAJK condemns assault on teacher

‘It has become a habit to attack teachers by police, administration in Kashmir’

Srinagar, Dec 17: Private Schools Association of J&K (PSAJK) has strongly condemned the assault on a government teacher by SDM Anantnag and his clerks and sought a strong punishment against the guilty officer so as to make it a deterrent for the future.
The Association termed the assault on a teacher appalling and said that it highlights the level to which few officers in administration can go without any fear of accountability. “Teachers are the builders of nation and their position in the society is sacred. But in a place like Kashmir they are being beaten, harassed and assaulted without impunity,” said G N Var president PSAJK. “It is high time that government pulls the reins on these errant officers in administration who are always on the lookout of derailing the education sector.”
The Association said that the incident is not an isolated one and infant is part of series of such incidents. “Not only administrative officers often harass these teachers but we have police also flexing the muscle of their authority freely on teachers. In place like Sopore it is worst situation and police raids, harasses teachers in tuition centres, coaching centres and private schools frequently. Despite them having no authority to raid education institutes they still do it,” said Var.
The Association said that the organisation strongly condemns the recent and previous such incidents wherein teachers have been targeted. “The Education Minister has already promised to look into the matter and we hope justice is delivered at the earliest,” said Var. “We want strong punishment against the said officer who abused law so that it will become deterrent for all such officers who frequently harass the teachers community.”
The Association said that mere saying that the pride and honour of teachers will be restored needs to be backed up with ground action. (KNS)