Demand to re-open cinemas unites mainstream parties

NC, BJP, PDP in one voice want movie theatres to open again

Srinagar, Dec 17: The debate over whether to re-open cinemas in Kashmir after the three decades of violence has united the mainstream political parties in Kashmir who in unison have started pitching for reopening of the movie theatres.
According to reports, the PDP senior Vice President Sartaj Madani has stated that the government and his party is in favour of the opening of the cinema halls in Kashmir and doesn’t see any reason why the movie theatres would remain shut and avenues of entertainment to Kashmir’s young generation would be dismal.
Madani has stated that when Saudi Arabia can open cinemas and why there is reluctance in Kashmir for the same. “For how long will we deny our children the usual means of entertainment and enjoyment in their lives?,” Madani was quoted by the reports as having said on Sunday.
BJP general secretary, Ashok Koul said that there is nothing bad if cinemas are reopened in Kashmir. “Why should they continue to remain shut. There is no reason. Don’t we watch television as a mode of entertainment? In the same way, youth should be free to go to theatres and watch movies. No one should stop them from doing it,” says BJP general secretary, adding that the party will support the government if it endeavours to open cinema halls in Kashmir.
The NC spokesman too joined the chorus, stating that the government cannot claim the return of normalcy in Kashmir if it fails to provide the entertainment avenues to the youth of the state. (KNS)