Unfair Advertisement Distribution: Precious Kashmir faces ‘wrath’ of info deptt officials

Unfair Advertisement Distribution:  Precious Kashmir faces ‘wrath’ of info deptt officials


Afaq Bhat
Srinagar, Dec 15: Exasperated over daily Precious Kashmir highlighting the unfair distribution of government advertisements, the state run Information department has stopped sending advertisements to the daily.
Officially the department has not issued any order in this regard but has unofficially sidelined the daily. The newspapers which are published once in a week get the advertisements in bulk. Despite Precious Kashmir hitting the newsstands everyday it gets peanuts on the name of government advertisements and that once in a blue moon.
The indifferent attitude of the Information department towards Precious Kashmir has proved it beyond doubt that daily is being punished for toeing the line which doesn’t suit the department.
It’s in place to mention here that Precious Kashmir has been highlighting how Information department has broken the back of the local media in Kashmir by choking the advertisement flow.
The officials who have no answers to the questions posed by the Precious Kashmir want to silence this newspaper by hitting it below the belt. The people at the helm know it very well that they are not accountable to anyone. No one will ask them whether they send the advertisements to all the dailies or not.
The tall claims of the Information department that it has gone digital and the entire system has become transparent are nothing more than an eyewash. Since the day the advertisement distribution has been made online, the officials of the department have become inaccessible and they don’t even bother to pick up the calls of the media men.
The people who are running the Information department should realize that one day or another they would have to explain why they choked the advertisements to the dailies which were published without any fail. They are under the impression that they can sit in their cozy offices and call the shots. They believe that no one can touch them as they enjoy the political patronage and have ashirwaad of the people who are in power. “These officials seem to have forgotten that present regime is about to complete half of its term in the office and within no time it would complete its full term also,” said an editor of a local daily.
He said, “It’s unfortunate that despite Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti holding the charge of the Information department ground situation continues to be grim. It seems that officials are misleading her and are creating an impression that all is well.”
The indifferent attitude of the officials of the Information department has led to local dailies not carrying the press notes and press releases of the ministers and other top officials. The developmental activities are getting zero coverage. But there seems no one who can ask the officials why local media is ignoring the activities of the government.
The present PDP-BJP regime has failed to handle the local media due to which people at the helm are unaware about the ground realities.