Convergent media affect


One does not analyse media convergence everyday even though most of us are exposed to it on a daily basis. The dissemination and reach of information has become ridiculously easy courtesy amalgamation of different media on varied platforms. Internet is the big daddy of such platforms and has provided a real ground to the ideas that were only considered fantasy and far-fetched just a decade ago. The demarcation of different media is becoming more and more blurred since the audience acceptation and expectations have simultaneously arisen. For example, the fingertip trade has radically changed our definition of buying and selling, we expect to see the same change and variety in the representation of media. To put it simply, we expect a fingertip one-stop shop of media and this is where a creatively built news website scores a high. The online commotion, particularly on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter that we witness nowadays about everything happening around the world is a strange but true example of hypersensitivity and situational reaction instilled into us by these ever changing online news feeds. According to a recent report, about 75 percent of Srinagarites access internet to remain ‘updated’. The reaction of these youth called Netizens, who jump in to post about anything and express their emotions on social networking sites almost real time depict a temporary wave of instincts that douse as soon as some new event pops up. The constant ‘spur of a moment’ reactions weaken the aspect of consistency in us, consistency in terms of forming opinions based on sound thoughtful developments rather than reacting to ‘fleeting sensations’. We all have encountered posts about Islam and Bollywood in a single online page thus forcing our sense of value and reverence into a subconscious dilemma.
As we have etiquette and a set protocol for civilized interactions in the real world, same applies to the virtual one with a set of rules called netiquette. Cyberspace is an extension of the existing world. If someone is offended there, it is exactly like offending him or her in the real world. One should either stay away from discussions that are bound to produce no positive result or should always think twice before posting anything or reacting to a certain post. We don’t want others to form an opinion about us which is exactly the opposite of what we really are. So be awake and aware before you tweet, like, share, or comment about anything.