Men need to change

Men need to change
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The retired Justice Bashir Ahmed Kirmani recently said that rights of women are trampled by their own family members and they face maximum rights violations within their homes.
Right from property rights to their rights in the homes of their in-laws are snatched by the male dominated society.
Even after getting married women have to face number of uncertainties and insecurity. There has been tremendous increase in the number of cases related to domestic violence and ill treatment of women folk by her better-half and in laws.
Despite increase in literacy rate and people talking about major reforms nothing has changed for then women folk. They continue to face the harassment at different levels.
Women have been trying their best to share equal responsibilities with men. One can find women working everywhere besides working in offices, schools and other institutions they perform their daily chores without any fail. These women also face harassment at their work places also. Many incidents go unreported as women don’t want to get stigmatized.
The system has to change. Men need to change their attitude towards women and they should learn to give them more respect. Women through their hard work and brilliance have proved it beyond doubt that they could compete with men and do all the jobs which the males can do.
The need of the hour is to give them respect and the place they deserve. Men need to
change their mindset and the way they think. They should realize that women deserve all the respect and their rights need to be respected. The government is framing stringent laws to deal with the people who trample the rights of women and treat them as a commodity.