India, Pakistan duty bound to measure miseries suffered by Kashmiris: Soz


New Delhi, Dec 8: Participating in the debate on India-Pakistan relations organized by the Institute of Peace and Development at India International Centre, New Delhi, Friday, Prof. Soz emphasized that India and Pakistan are duty-bound to measure the miseries that Kashmiris suffered all these years of turmoil due to the conflict between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. The discussions were inaugurated by Khurshid Mohmud Kasuri, former Foreign Minister of Pakistan.
Prof. Soz reminded the largely attended gathering that several years ago, credible agencies, foreign and National, had accepted the figure as 70,000 killed and with 8000 disappearances in crossfire during the years of armed militancy.
Prof. Soz lamented that it seems while Kashmiris continued to suffer, tragedy after tragedy, both India and Pakistan continue to live with conflict as only Kashmiris paid the price.
He appealed to the gathering that seminar after seminar on the Kashmir dispute is not the way-forward and emphasized that concerned citizens of both countries like the gathering at IIC, should become a Pressure-Group for India and Pakistan so that both countries come forward for resolving the Kashmir dispute.
He (Prof. Soz) told Kasuri that while he respected him as a symbol of hope during the Vajpayee-Musharraf-Manmohan years, he (Kasuri) should take further step to organize civil society of both countries to give a powerful message that India and Pakistan can’t live in perpetual animosity and, therefore, they must come forward to carve-out a destiny of hope, peace and development, by resolving the dispute on Kashmir.”