Only NHPC can run JK’ hydro-power projects, says BJP

Srinagar, Dec 7: The ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday stated that the power giant NHPC only can run the hydro-power projects in Jammu and Kashmir and that royalties can be discussed with the corporation but not the return.
The BJP general secretary Ashok Koul said that his party believes that the NHPC is biggest company in India and is capable of running the power projects in the state.
When asked about his party’s take on the demand over the return of the power projects to the state, Ashok Koul said NHPC is the only corporation capable of running the hydro power projects in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. “What will we do with those projects if NHPC returns them to the state? Who is going to run them and how? BJP believes that the projects should remain with the NHPC,” said the party’s general secretary.
He added that though he cannot comment on government’s behalf but it would be wise enough if the state government discusses the quantum of power being given to Jammu and Kashmir by the power giant instead of pitching for the return of the power projects being presently run by the NHPC.
Pertinently, a senior PDP leader and minister in the present coalition Abdul Rehman Veeri had stated that the government was rigorously pursuing the issue of the return of the power projects from the NHPC and has been actively striving for the same. “We haven’t given up the demand over the return of the power projects. We have this mentioned in the agenda of alliance that we signed with the BJP ahead of forming the government in the state,” Veeri had said earlier this week.
However, Koul said that the issue has to be understood on merits and that the state can ask for more royalty from the NHPC but has to think twice before asking for the return of these projects.
The BJP general secretary also asked the separatists to talk to the GoI appointed Dineshwar Sharma and raise issued with him which the separatists deem necessary. “The reality is that the central hasn’t put any pre-condition over the dialogue with the separatists. If the government is approaching them for talks, it becomes bizarre on the part of separatists that they still exhibit reluctance in being part of the exercise,” Ashok Koul said. (KNS)