Erratic power supply irks Gund, Kangan residents

Erratic power supply irks Gund, Kangan residents

Umar Raina

Ganderbal, Dec 6: Strong resentment is brewing among the residents of Gund and Kangan Tehsils against erratic power supply by the Power Development (PDD).

Residents of Gund, Haknar, Fraw,Ganiwan,Mammer, Ramwari, Gagangir, Kangan, Margund, Akhal, Kunmul, Tangchatter, Chattergul, Wusan, Preng, Barwul, Cherwan, Hayan, Palpoora, Bonibagh, Thune, complained of unscheduled power cuts in their areas.

Residents of these areas told Precious Kashmir that PDD is forcing them to hold protest demonstration against erratic power supply.

They said that the frequent power cuts have put them to immense inconvenience.

“The electricity is playing hide and seek particularly in the morning and evening hours,” the residents said.

The residents added that their children appearing in the examinations were worst sufferers.

“Our children are unable to study properly in absence of power,” said a local resident.

“It’s unfortunate that the authorities resort to unscheduled power cuts in the morning and evening hours, which is the ideal time to study.”

“Instead of imposing power cuts during morning and evening hours, the PDD should do it during the daytime so that the students don’t suffer. These power cuts can ruin careers of hundreds of students,” Abid a student said.

Peoples appealed the concerned authorities to look into the matter.