‘Drive against corruption shelved, big fishes call the shots’

‘Drive against corruption shelved, big fishes call the shots’
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Dec 6: Jammu and Kashmir government giving up its drive against corruption has once again emboldened the people who till the recent past were trying to save their skins.
Sources told Precious Kashmir that government has almost abandoned the drive against corruption and the investigating agencies which are probing the allegations of corruption against the top guns have been asked to go slow. “The investigations carried out by the various agencies could had put many top guns in a tight spot as the probe was carried out at the highest level,” they added.
An insider revealed that investigating agencies had even prepared the list of benami properties owned by the big fishes. “Entire process for the time being has been shelved,” he added.
They said, “Since the day investigating agencies have taken a back seat many officials with dubious background have been given the plum postings and they are calling the shots. The fact is that these officials are occupying top posts despite them being under scanner.”
An insider revealed that the officials, who knew that they could face the music have gone into the “sharan” of top politicians and are living under their shadow. “Ministers from both the
parties BJP and PDP have their own lobbies and they have turned out to be the Messiahs of these officials. They (officials) know it very well that they need not to worry as long as they stay with their political masters,” the insider added.
It’s in place to mention here that since 2015, the State Vigilance Commission has made several recommendations to the government to strengthen the system of internal vigilance in its departments.
However, in its annual report, the SVC had stated that the recommendations made by it are still “awaiting implementations”. The SVC had made the recommendation in view that the anti-graft body received most of the complaints in the past against departments having large public dealing.
An analyst said, “Many people in Jammu and Kashmir are of the opinion that PDP-BJP ministers have failed to wipe out the corruption from the system and nothing has changed in the past three years. In Jammu region resentment against the BJP is brewing. People of Jammu believe that despite they giving overwhelming support to BJP the saffron party has not done much for the region and no change is visible on the ground.”
He said, “On the other hand Peoples Democratic Party has got caught in maintaining law and order in the Valley and it has not got enough time to focus on the issues which could have changed the ground situation in Kashmir. If the PDP-BJP government wants to change the perception of the people it has to work very hard. Mere statements and assertions won’t help anyone’s cause.”