J&K govt ignores KAS officers, prefers ‘chamchas’ ! ‘

J&K govt ignores KAS officers, prefers ‘chamchas’ !  ‘
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‘Influential officers given additional charges, deserving attached in cells’

Afaq Bhat
Srinagar, Dec 5: The Jammu and Kashmir government ignoring the Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS) officers and giving additional charges to the “influential officers” who enjoy political patronage has triggered resentment among KAS officers.

Sources told Precious Kashmir Deputy Director ICDS Kashmir is holding three additional charges. She holds the charge of DPO Budgam, DPO Baramulla and DSWO Srinagar. “It’s strange that one officer is handling charges of the four departments. Someone needs to ask the people at the helm that can one officer do justice with the four departments?” asked an officer wishing not to be named.

Insiders revealed that officer in question was basically a “craft teacher” and she was inducted into the administrative services due to her political influence. “There are many officers who have been given out of turn promotions and they are calling the shots. It’s not the only case. There are many instances wherein the deserving KAS officers have been ignored and the people with lesser qualification have been awarded plum postings,” they added.

A source said that officials who are holding plum positions in the administration have been handpicked by the ministers and politicians. “Officers have not been posted on the basis of merit. Instead they have been posted on the basis of the influence they enjoy,” the source alleged.

He said there is lot of resentment among the KAS officers over the alleged “discriminatory policy” followed by the Jammu and Kashmir government. “These officers have burnt midnight oil and have worked very hard to join the bureaucracy . All of them want to serve their people. But they need a chance to prove their mettle. Unfortunately they have been dumped and the people having political affiliations are calling the shots,” the official added.

Another official said, “A notion is being created that there is dearth of KAS officers in the state. It’s not a fact. This is being done to give plum postings to the yes men of politicians as these people remain at the beck and call of the officials. The additional charge syndrome has ruined the image of the government. The people at the helm need to sit together so that they can come to know how KAS officers have been sidelined to accommodate the blue-eyed persons.”

He said, “It’s unfortunate that Jammu and Kashmir has got divided. Jammu is being ruled by Bharatiya Janata Party while Kashmir is being governed by Peoples Democratic Party. Which officer would get which posting is the discretion of the ministers. There is too much of confusion around due to which governance in J&K has taken a hit.”
“Despite KAS officers submitting various representations nothing has changed on the ground and they continue to suffer,” the official added.