Farooq versus extremists

Farooq versus extremists
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Since the day National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah has taken the centre stage he has been reminding New Delhi that politics of hate is the biggest threat to India.
Recently he lambasted a news anchor for asking him “Whether he is an Indian?” The NC president lost his cool and told the anchor in plain words not to challenge him. He even told the news anchor that he should consult a psychiatrist as the people like him are responsible for creating confusion in the minds of people.
The former chief minister, who is one of the most experienced politicians in Jammu and Kashmir, has been mincing no words to criticize the policies of the Government of India towards minorities and Kashmiris. During the past one month he has dared them to take back Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) from Pakistan. He has been reiterating that Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India and PaK belongs to Pakistan. He (Dr Farooq) seems to be the lone man in J&K who is leading the onslaught of extremist elements and is reminding them about the ground realities.
His tough posture has made the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir uncomfortable as the party fears that Dr Farooq Abdullah taking a tough stand can lead to the revival of National Conference in Jammu and Kashmir. The PDP leaders too are trying to adopt the tough posture but they have a problem that they cannot cross the line and annoy their coalition partner Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The NC president knows it very well. He is making all the possible efforts to pave the way for NC’s revival in the state at PDP’s cost.