CoA skips BCCI objections, polishes Lodha reforms


The Committee of Administrators (CoA) has effectively put aside objections raised by BCCI office-bearers and many of its members in its final draft of a new constitution. The CoA has, instead, stood firm by the Lodha Committee recommendations and, significantly, also called for a reduction in the powers of key board positions.
The BCCI’s main objections to the raft of administrative changes put forward by the Lodha Committee have been to the one-state-one-vote recommendation, the three-year cooling-off period for administrators, and to a three-man selection panel.
With respect to the one-state-one-vote recommendation and the strength of the men’s selection panel, the CoA has at least left the final call in the hands of the Supreme Court, which will take it up when it reconvenes in January.
Just as significantly, the CoA has drawn up a constitution in which the powers of two of the most influential board posts – secretary and treasurer – have been clipped. Those have been ceded to the professional managers of the BCCI, an even more emphatic reminder that the essential concept of the Lodha recommendations was to separate management from policy.
ESPNcricinfo lists out the views of the CoA on the major recommendations, as well as the reasoning behind them, in the new draft.
1. One-state-one vote
Both the Lodha Committeee and the CoA agree that BCCI membership will be split into two types: Full and Associate. Full Members have voting rights, Associates do not. Both have approved that 30 states that can be Full Members and that every state will have only one vote.
“Each State shall be represented by a state cricket association duly recognised by the BCCI and such associations shall be Full Members,” according to the draft. “No State shall have more than one Full Member at any given point of time.”
In states with multiple current members, the Full Membership – and its rights and privileges – shall rotate annually among them. The basis of that rotation will be framed by the BCCI.