BJP criticises Dr Farooq for advocating dialogue with Pakistan


Jammu, Dec 3: The state unit of BJP on Sunday slammed National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah saying that militancy and talks cannot go together.
Reacting to the statement of Dr Abdullah on Saturday that talks with Pakistan are must for peace, BJP State spokesperson Brig Anil Gupta said, “Dr Abdullah has time and again advocated talks with Pakistan as mandatory for return of peace in Valley knowing fully well that it is not India but Pakistan that is avoiding talks.”
“Modi government has made it very clear that Pakistan must cease its support to cross-border militancy and dismantle/destroy the militant infrastructure on its soil to create a conducive environment for commencement of bilateral talks to resolve all outstanding issues,” Brig Gupta in a statement issued here said.
He said, however, Pakistan’s insistence of Kashmir being its jugular vein, unfinished agenda of partition and its Army’s urge to obtain parity with India is preventing the former from sitting on a negotiation table with India.
“Pakistan has to realise that both of its ambitions are impossible to acquire since India’s economy is 10 times larger than Pakistan’s as well as it is the fastest growing economy in the world and Indian Armed Forces are fourth most powerful in the world,” said Brig Gupta.
He further said that even the claim on Kashmir is bogus, if Kashmir is really the jugular vein of Pakistan, how it has survived for last seventy years.
“Even after acquiring nuclear weapons, Pakistan has chosen militancy as an instrument of state policy which highlights Pakistan’s evil intentions,” he said, adding that Dr Abdullah needs to know that a window exists even in a nuclear environment, Kargil War and surgical strikes in 2016 exemplify the same. But India wants peace which Pakistan doesn’t.
Referring to his statement that “we have left our youth disillusioned and disenchanted,” Brig Gupta said that Abdullahs and National Conference are to be blamed for the same.
“The root causes of disenchantment are lust for power, politics of deceit and falsehood, communal, divisive and dynastic politics, financial mismanagement, self-promotion and poor governance,” he added.